Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Three hundred followers!

I wrote this poem for a friend (yes, I've friends too!) a couple of months back. Aaaaand 300 followers!

What is thy life; Utter confusion.
Decades of ignorance shattered by a moment of realization!

What is the truth and what is nought,
Thou knowest not what you've sought!

What is thy life; Constant intrusion. 
Strangers invading thy life and stimulating repulsion. 

Thou know'st thy worth, thy estimate.
Then why do thee hesitate? 

It's thy life, thy destiny, thy fate,
Don't care about their curses and hate.

Now wipe thy nose and cease to cry,
Forget about the gravity and fly!

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Rutaba Tariq said...

"Decades of ignorance shattered by a moment of realization!" Simple yet extraordinarily effective.

Good job :)

Rafya Sweets said...

Nicely written, hits the right place! :)

Voice Of Reason said...

Congratulations on 300 followers! :D

The poem's really good. Love it!

Furree Katt said...

Congratulations, Hamza, O KING BLOGGER!

I love the last too lines. It's so totally YOU.

AND YES EVERYONE VISIT MY BLOG. or rather, visit this link:


^ It has something to do with Hamza.

Furree Katt said...

TWO* hahaha. The last TWO lines.

Momina said...

Loved the last two lines!

Sania Tahir said...

Yes, the last two line (Y)
awesomely written :D

Aqsa Faisal said...

Congrats for your 300 followers nd btw aasome poem :D

Val Arya said...

utterly beautiful, kudos to you hamza.

Love ( Founder YUP/ Enlive.Inn) said...

thanx for writing the poem for me:P

haha!!! we all need these encouragements... dont we... and when it comes from a real person... wow! its awesome... hats off for being such an awesome writer... the word fits here perfectly...
do you think of being on TED. I visualize you there totally...doing what? exactly this!:) cheers!

Diksha Sharma said...

This is such a wonderful poem. Can lift anyone's spirits in seconds.
Lucky friend of yours. ^_^

You just earned yourself a loyal follower. =D

I hope you can find some time to visit my blog. http://theseasonedwoman.blogspot.in/
Maybe if you like it, you could follow too. :)

Qirat said...

Wow Hamza. Wish I could write poetry this beautiful, myself. Inspiration cloaked in words.

Hamza bin Lupin said...

@Rutaba Tariq:

@Rafya Sweets:

@Voice Of Reason:
Thank you!

@Furree Katt:
Hahahahahhahhahha shut up I'm not.
Thank you so much, Furree!

And what about the rest of it?

@Sania Tahir:
And the rest?

@Aqsa Faisal:
Thank you!

@Val Arya:
Thank you, Arya.

Hahahahha thank you! No I don't think I'm good enough for that.

@Diksha Sharma:
Thank you, Diksha! Welcome to my blog! Sure I'm going to visit your blog right now

Oh thank you so much, Qirat.