Saturday, August 20, 2011

Carnage in my city.

Once the City of Lights,
is now besieged by numerous plights.
Nor men are safe,neither are mice,
In Karachi,the City of Vice.

Vampires on bikes are on the prowl,
pouncing on their targets,killing them all.
Are their hearts colder than ice ?
In Karachi,the City of Vice.

Sindhi Balouchi,Pathan,Muhajirs,
Aren't we all Muslims,not Ka'afirs ?
Then why kill each other at any price,
In Karachi,the City of Vice.

On every death,my heart cries,
O you brutal killers! Don't you realize?
Can't you bring this 'Target Killing" to a cease,
To make my Karachi,the City of Peace ?

Wrote this poem a few months ago. Posted it on my other blog earlier, here.

Karachi is one of the many things which are extremely close to my heart. I am a very proud Pakistani and even prouder Karachite. This is my home. I can't just watch my home burn.

PS: Karachi needs the Army.


Areesha Bilal said...

Everyone is praying for the Karachiites. Don't lose faith. Everything will be better, IA <3

Ezazi said...


Ezazi said...

"Karachi is one of the many things which are extremely close to my heart. I am a very proud Pakistani and even prouder Karachite. This is my home."

This all desribes so perfectly what we all feel. Our hearts beat for this country, for this city.

God protect us all. Please. Ameen.

Ifra Khaliq said...

God be with you, Karachi!

Hazel said...

I'm so sorry this is happening in your home city :(

Mohammed Saqlain said...

Karachi means life to me ! I can't believe what's happening here !
Please pray for Karachi ..
Please pray for Pakistan ..
May God be with us :( :'(

KN. said...

How do you do that? It almost brought me to the verge of this while emotional trauma.

There haven't been a city in Pakistan where i must have spent time more than 3 years. But i can inderstand how you feel, cause Karachi is like a second home to myself as well.

Seeing people dying from these accidents and massacres, i can't think straight. And even thinking about the families they belong to, is even worse.


A post by a friend. You might like it. Give it a read if possible.

tarunima said...

This is so sad:((
I will pray for karachi..

Blahblaholic ♥ said...

Oh my god :o
This is just exactly how I feel when that bomb stuff happens in Mumbai!!!
Omg I didn't know about it!
I'll pray that such violence stops :( It sucks! :(
May they rest in peace!
And u take care!

Rosette Princess said...

Really this killing is out of limits now...poor innocent people dying daily without knowing why they are being killed!!! =( really terrible...just pray to God that this end soon and may the people of Karachi live without any problems and tensions or even without the fear of being killed by the unknown. (ameen)

Anonymous said...

Allah save our Karachi... Ameen
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

MAHNOOR said...

we all are so so so down in the doldrums watching all this bloody, and bloody as in literally bloody.. tune in to any news channel and there u have it. karachi. whats happening here. blood shed. brutility. =c

i myself have been wanting to write about it, but i couldnt, i dint know where to start from, and where to end it. it sucks majorly.

i pray things get better. karach be back the way it were. =c

ps, hamza, the poem was thought evoking!!!

Tangerine said...

may peace find us all and free us from this turmoil

steve said...

Just followed you because of how true your poem was. the best kinds are always from that part of the soul we dont know about and it showed in this poem. wish you good luck in your struggles.

>>>you can follow me at the above address<<<

Shoaib said...

God Bless Karachi..:(

Priyanka said...

All our prayers. And hope.
Isn't that what we need most?

Anuradha said...

I'm so sorry, I hope everything's okay soon D: I'll pray.

Stay safe.

ateeq mughal said...

lets start a its in the atmosphere :P
kuch bhi hojae i won't get serious. :P

Chupa Rustam said...

Let there be peace, let there be love, let there be harmony, let there be lights and no fires. I love you my Karachi.

TARIQ MIAN said...

Karachi bloodshed hurts as far as Canada.
May Allah bless the city with honest and efficient government.
We don't need impotent administration.
Actually administrative paralysis is all over the country going hand in hand with rampant corruption and terrorism.
God save Karachi and the whole country - Amen.

the other side of me said...

First of all, the poem is so nice!!
Hamza, I hope everything will be alright in your country<3

Your post made me to realize how peaceful my country is....

May peace prevail in Pakistan

and Hamza plz take care of yourself..

I will pray for you and your country

Ridx :) said...

Prayers <3

its extremely disturbing!

May God give patience to all the families who have lost their loved ones!

Loony said...

Everything will be better. :)
For starters, you've been awarded!

Usama Rehman said...

silence has engulfed this place, this heaven for millions of faces.....there is indeed much noise, hue and cry but to tell u honestly there exists a deafening silence!!!
no matter how many lives cease....we the joe public is no where to be seen....the life just like time, once again moves on :(
How many of us has written, or moved our hands or limbs against these atrocities!!
U have written which is applaudable but then the resposibility lies on all of us!!

Shama said...

Hamza, my parents are in karachi, my mum t old me last night that things are getting more worse in karachi :(
she was weeping, hope they will move soon.
poem is amazing <3

i got crush at you :p
luv x

Maryam A. said...

All this is so heart-breaking.

Lovely poem!


Daniyal Arain said...

The Poem Is Beautiful -
Completely describes emotion and feelings of all the people.

And now life is drowning in the dark caves.
Going back in time - Becoming someone else.
Become their slaves.

Aasiyah said...

My prayers are for Karachi. May Allah ta'ala protect you from all harm. Ameen.

Meghana said...

My prayers are with y'all.

Take care, be safe. And also, don't lose hope. I now it's easier said than done, but...really.

Lovely poem, btw. :')

Sana Castellano said...

Sad tareen situation hai.

Aquib Mastan said...

Its so sad to hear all this.
Same situation happens in Mumbai every now and then.
That feeling of safety is gone from my heart too.

I hope everything will be fine soon.

Nostalgic said...

May Allah bless our city :( ..

syed said...

may allah bless our city and give us protection frm the unsurpers...

syed said...

may allah bless our city and give us protection frm the unsurpers..!!!!

Sidrah said...

It's a shame to see our city die like this =( May Allah bless us all.

Great post, Hamza.

Faraz Ezazi said...

Nice poem

May Allah by the blessings of this Holy Month Protect Pakistan especially Karachi from the terrorists

Sushmit said...

Great writing....I really don't know why people can't just live and let live....

Faryal Hasan said...

Karachi, get well soon.
May this city be blessed, always.

The Blue Periwinkle said...

Awesome post!

Sunakshi said...

Sorry to know this,seriously.It is terrible.

Rolling Stone said...

sad to know the sorry state of affairs.. I have relatives there in Karachi... May Allah protect Karachi.. and save the people and make it a better place for living.

DWei said...

Oh god this is terrible. I hope something is done about this soon.

Tazeen said...

The poem was very nice, Hamza! But the situation of the city certainly isn't. Like all Karachiites, I'm also looking forward to a place which shall be peaceful again.

P.S.: We do need the army.

Jyoti Mishra said...

Violence is killing all...
I wish things become normal again.

Daaneiia said...


nuff said.

peace and love forever


Agnes said...

I love Karachi so much, this just makes my heart bleed. Don't know what else to say.

Shagun Ohri said...

This is the most touching post I've read. The poem is simply beautiful. :')
Although I'm from India, and people always consider India and Pakistan to be rivals (such juvenile and mediocre thinking), I really feel that they need to see this post!
It's sad that they don't realize Pakistan is a home to someone else too! Simple people, who aren't at fault. Who don't deserve to be discriminated against!

This is simply beautiful!
I love your blog! :)

Uruj said...

Your poem was nice. At this point, I don't think feeling anything will help. To make a difference, especially in our environment, the kind of society we have, we need more than just a "feeling".