Thursday, October 14, 2010


When in doubt, talk about boobs. That's what I do.

Literally, it's been AGES since I posted. To get an idea of how long it has been since I last posted, you must know that I got comments from dinosaurs! And they're extinct now. But in case you thought I died with them, then you thought WRONG. My life has undergone drastic changes in these last few months: both in good and bad ways. I did a lot of new things, learnt lessons and made many stupid mistakes as well. Got myself a job and earned around 60k this summer.

Yes. I discovered, read and fell in love with Rumi.

It gave me a new, fresh outlook towards life: a paradigm shift. I started to think about religion, people, the universe in ways I had never thought or expected myself to think. For instance, I used to think of boobs as a pair of inflated balls.

Now, I'm confused about them. They're covered in a *erm*....a shroud of mystery.

On very serious note, I would strongly urge you all to read his works. I know, the hardcover copies at Liberty Bookstore are wayy to expensive. Maybe they don't want to sell them, they just want their customers to drool over their books. Ha ha. So back to Rumi. Reading him make me think differently about everything. I used to have strong opinions about everything, now I'm confused about every single thing. Then I must quote myself.

                                    "Rather remain confused than believe the lies".

Confusion causes one to ask questions. Is there a God? Who is right, Taliban or USA? And if there is a god, then why is Justin Bieber still alive? Are Kim Kardashian boobs real? I think you get the idea.


Do you guys remember that post I did about the word,' random', no? Let me refresh your memories by quoting the first few sentences from the post.' Anything, anyone you can not specifically name is random. Like, "some random aunty came to our house yesterday, talked about random things to my Mom, ate a random sandwich I made and went away randomly '.

Today, I want to talk about another stupid word people frequently use without any specific reason: 'Lame'. Whenever you fail to come up with a witty comeback or don't get the joke, it's lame. "Me and some lame guy went out tonight to watch some lame movie. Then we had a lame dinner at some lame restaurant. He kissed me lamely at the door and didn't even ask to come in. It was such a lame night".

Yes. And so to all the people whose favorite word is lame: STFU! I prefer lame creativity over plagiarized coolness. I love creativity. It's an amazing God-like feeling to be able to create something extraordinary.


Last night after watching TDRK, I was thinking about how every big city has a superhero with a cape: Karachi doesn't. But then I remembered Altaf bhai and his parda. It all fits.

Okay bhai. We understand. Won't lift the parda at any cost. Can't bear to look at your black ass, bhai.

Guess what, I'll be turning twenty in just eighteen months. Grown up already. Though 
I feel no difference in myself since childhood. Bus pehley fridge lamba tha. Ab mei lamba hoon.


Time for some random pictures?

Kids I taught this summer.

More kids.

She was the cutest.
But he's cuter. Meow!



Anonymous said...

I love you.

Rafya Sweets said...


Rafya Sweets said...


Flobo said...

Woah woah woah 60K!
Yaar aap toh bade aadmi nikle!

ME said...


Your post was funny as usual.

Aur kiyaa?

Miss to nahe kiye maine. Twitter pe he acha khasa tweet karlete hein ap.


Lubaina E. said...

You're THAT much already! :O
Good head start :D

And you're going to be at ROTMUN/ROTATE ? I'll be at ROTMUN :D

I'm not good with parliamentaries, I handle MUNs better.

Oh and Rumi gives you 'weird' thoughts no ? :p

Anuradha said...

Ap toh baray interesting niklay.

Dania said...

This is great! You write really well! Where did you teach kids? Can you give me the Rumi book to borrow?! So jealous!

Nihareekaa said...

Amazing as ever. You give a new definition to randomness.

Asinastra Nightshade said...

No idea you taught kids. Tips do please, kids hate me on principle.

Nice to hear from you.


A Great Liar said...

Hello Hamza, long time. Hope all is well at your end.

Interesting to note that you have taken an interest in Rumi at such an early age. Do mind the pitfalls along the way.

And well, have you heard of If not, you can check their site out. They have an awesome 2nd hand collection of hardbound in both fiction and the rest.

the butterfly effect said...

U r such a kid. Don't take it the wrong way, I mean that I love your care free blog :D. It lightens me up.

val said...

good to see education being spread in such a fab manner.... keep it up hamza. well i did d same thing this summer. interned at my mum's school and earned around $175 in 3 months... it was a blast. lookin forward to hear it from you.

cricketfreak said...

I'm so glad that you posted again!!! I really do miss your amaazing blog:(

PurpleMist. said...

Nice pictures!

The Babe Of Bengal said...

To your blog and mine :)
Missed you bhai! Missed you so much!

Voice Of Reason said...

Bus pehley fridge lamba tha. Ab mei lamba hoon.

Sania Tahir said...

u blogged at last!!
the post great as ever :D
Rumi sure is messing with your head...get him out :p

Sania Tahir said...

u blogged at last !!
the post great as ever. :D
Rumi is really messing with your head, get him out :P

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I love you back.

@Rafya Sweets,

Haha. Aadmi paiso sey bara nahi hota, pagli.

Miss tou mene bhe nahi kiya aapko. Magar twitter par aap kahaan lift karwati hein. Bye.

@Lubaina E.,
Thank you. No, I couldn't come to Speak up this year. Rumi is
awesome, right? :p

Not more than you, Radha.

Thank you. I taught them at a summer camp this summer.

Thank you. It's your comments that keep me glued to this blog :)

@Asinastra Nightshade,
Haha. Candy helps a lot. Same here. Looking forward to see you more often on my blog, acha? :p

@A Great Liar ,
HI. It's been ages since I saw you on bloggers. Welcome back, man! I've heard of that site but they usually don't have the books I need. Thanks for dropping by, bro. :)

@The Butterfly effect,
I'm honored. I'm glad that it lightens you up. :)

Hi Val! It's nice to see you on my blog. $175 in three months is awesome. I'll hope you'll be reading my blogs more often now. Cheers!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

HI! I missed your comments a lot too. It's good to have to back on my blog once again. :)

Thank you. :)

@The Babe of Bengal,
Thank you! I missed you too.

@Voice Of Reason,
:D :)

@Sania Tahir,
I'm glad I did. I missed blogging myself. Thank you. No, RUMI is doing it right.

The Lady of Green Origin said...

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there."

That is beautiful. If it's a quote from something, I haven't heard it before. If it isn't and you're just spewing poetry, right on.

A friend and I were just discussing how differently we view ourselves in comparison to the rest of the world. How we feel as small and as unintelligent/intelligent as we did when we were 14 years old. We both agreed on this specific age, as at 13, I specifically remember doing things like covering my walls in posters of one specific boy band and crying when a member was married.

Yes. I have definitely matured past 13 years old. Thank goodness.

My goodreads account keeps telling me to read Rumi as well. Perhaps this is a sign. Hm.

Also, I just googled Rumi and this quote was first: "What you seek is seeking you."

Bam. About to get my Rumi on.

Love ( A Defender of Abused Children) said...

remember me... HBL:)

u still are the same cute kid u were 5 yrs bak..there is still time... when u will grow like a tom cruise jr:P dont come to my blog:)

and i ran a camp for a month at my place... made only 10 k... wow 60 k... ok i only had 8 kids... so yes do the maths..:D

Hamza bin Lupin said...

@The Lady of Green Origin:
Haha it's one of my favorite Rumi quotes! Oh yes. You should start reading Rumi. And thank you for reading this post!

Of course, I do! 10k? Hahahah that's great!

Hamza bin Lupin said...

@The Lady of Green Origin:
Haha it's one of my favorite Rumi quotes! Oh yes. You should start reading Rumi. And thank you for reading this post!

Of course, I do! 10k? Hahahah that's great!

Anonymous said...

I've never been confused abt religion. Being Muslim was fine and ultimate for me. I don't want to pollute my 'clean' mind and confuse myself with Rumi so could you give alittle summary or something