Tuesday, May 10, 2011


While cleaning my drawers, I found a old diary of mine. And I sat down to read silly rantings of my thirteen year old self.


"Dearest Diary, I heard about a new word, pabuarty peberty puburty, I don't know how it spells like, nor could I find it in my dictionary. Do you know what does it mean? 
I guess it is related to Liberty. That must be it. But why those boys were so excited about it. They don't read a lot of books. It must be something nasty. I must always stay away from it. No puburtea for me, never. I am a good boy. A good Muslim too. And yes, I got a star from miss Qurat-ul-ain, and I was very happy. The other boys call me a nerd because I don't tease girls. I want to tease but I am too sharmela.  "

No puberty for me! I was like literally Rolling-On-the-floor-laughing. Man was I a' Boy Bieber'?


Felicity said...

I want to tease but I am too sahrmela.


Entertaining post.

Anuradha said...

Haha aww. That stuff made me feel like a bad, bad girl. xD

AcetylCholine said...

'Boy Beiber'
Ahahaha. Awesomeness.

I guess you have safely become less-sharmeela by now. What, no? Puburty laid to waste? =P

BN said...

HAHAHA. The rantings of a 13 year old. I wanna go back to the 13 year old me and inject some sense of grammar. Good days.

ReeBz said...


Furree Katt said...


weird diary said...

Hamza dont tell me you've wrote this in ACTUAL, did you?? i think you just made it up, nai?? after all you are blogger :P

maham irfan said...

u have been keeping diary since 13?!
i want to read the post u just deleted!
put it up again!

Dani said...

That bit from your diary is adorable :P I go back and read mine from time to time and just shake my head. i said some very dumb things when I was younger (and still do!)

Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it! About your question that you asked in the comments, you should right about whatever you are most passionate about. If you like to review things, write reviews. You sound like a silly, fun person to be around, so write about the crazy/fun things you do. Keep up the good blogging!

Pigs Can Fly

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! Prom is kind of a leavers 'ball' which our school does when we leave secondary school at 16. And, yes it's me who doesn't have a dress yet!

Lastly, good luck with your exams too!

* The17 YearOldNaive * said...

Thank you for your comment! I didn't see it untill noww!
I will deff visit often.
:) xo

Michelle said...

I lawl'd.

FYF said...


Voice Of Reason said...

HAHHAHAHAHAHA. Nice of you to share something so private, sharmeela boy.