Monday, May 30, 2011


Love is definitely the most misunderstood thing in this world. Let me pre-empt that I realize that I might be too juvenile, too puerile, adolescent to comment on the most complex and powerful feeling known as 'love' to the people of  this world.

Yet, I in order to make myself clear that I merely intend to juxtapose love with lust, with obsession, with selfishness, and all similar sentiments.

First of all, love is not an elixir for boredom nor can it be kaleidoscopic emotion. If the tales are true, love is meant to be something more, eternal than other emotions. An explicit example of love is mother's love for her child. Her love is eternal, selfless and extreme. And unconditional.

Love is supposed to be like that.Unconditional, unreasoned, even unrequited. A mother doesn't love her child because he's cute, he's intelligent or he's something extraordinary. Love is blind. She loves her child for no reason whatsoever. 

But now what we do is that we use this word like a prostitute. People claim to fall in love with people every other day. You can just fall in love every other day. Nor can you just fall out of it. It's a bottomless pit. 

Love is something much more powerful, something much more sacred. Lord Voldemort was scared of it because he did not undertstand love. I bet most of us can relate to this. We're afraid to love. People are always afraid of things they don't understand like darkness, death. I'll add love to this list as well.

So basically, in my humble opinion, the games we play these days is not love. Love mein break-up nahi hota dost.

I have this feeling that if I'd love a girl. And in case, she doesn't love me back, I'll let her go. Because love is supposed to be selfless. So dear brothers and sisters, don't make her/his life hell by spamming his/her inbox. Let them go. If it's love, you'll be able to let her/him go. But if it's lust, infatuation, or obssession, then I've got bad news for you, friend. 

And I got an award!

I got it from The Girl at the First Avenue .Thank you.
The usual rules apply.But I was born a heretic rebel. So I won't follow them. Even if I did, it won't be anything great because you guys already know about 39085979406 things about me. Passing this award is good idea but I'm feeling extremely lazy right now. Right now ? Ooops,no I am perpetually lazy.

Without any further ado, I declare that all of us are awesome. I am starting to love this blogging thing. Just because of you girls people. 

Amigos,adueis,Rab Rakaha.


Lemons Don't Make Lemonade said...

I'm like, addicted to blogging.

And I'm totally addicted to your TOTALLY sweet and awesome comments! (:

(CONGRATS ON THE AWARD. Yeah, I'm defiant like that.)

Love is really complicated. Good post!


bengalimishtiz said...

If 'Teenage Mutiny' were a book instead of a blog, I swear it would have been a bestseller.
I love your blog, Hamza. And the love I have for your blog and you is unconditional and unreasoned. Just like the love described in this post. :)

Furree Katt said...

well i actually understood the whole thing but i have no opinion on other people's opinions on love, so yeah.

and because you didn't want any congratulations:

xox*~*~*~^ C0NGR@TZ F0H D@ BL@WG @WARD ^~*~*~*xox

p.s. totally agreeing with bengalimishtiz.

p.p.s. even though it's totally inadvisable and unsafe, post your number soon! can't wait to annoy you more :D

chocolatemilk said...

Haha! Great post. It seems like you too, understand love :P
But, I doubt anyone would ever leave a girl if they love her for someone better. Love is also selfish at times. That much selflessness is WAYY to hard to acquire.
Anyway, awesome post man :)

Love said...

for a 17 yr old ur english is awesome... lol i dont have a big word to use there...:P but i almost fainted on some of the words didn't even care to undertsand how they are pronounced or wat they really meant but i still got the gist of it all and all i have to say if u wrote this piece u r a very wise man... and make sure no one tries to rob u of ur wisdom ... for u r just 17 and holding on to this truth for life long can be pretty trying for one day u will be tempted to hold on to something when it asks to leave u and tempt to leave something which asks u to stick around for ever... and wat u do then will define u... :)

but loved the thoughts all the way...

tarunima said...

hi there:)
i agree,love is an eternal feeling,joining of two selfless hearts:)
and i really appreciate that line of yours that you would let the girl go if someone else is better for her..idealistic yet sweet:D
nice post=)

Kiran Ashraf said...

yup love is suppossed to be selfless."if I'd love a girl.And there are better guys around,I'd let her go" that line of yrs really reminds me of a guy who says the same but still he havent found the "better guy" and the grl on the other hand is dying to break free from him. great post as always. i read that u dont want any congratualation but still who cares!!! congrats buddy on the award. cheeers ;)

ReeBz said...

Allah Hamzaaaaa....... tumhari english meri smjh se bahar hey :P buhatttt mushkil words u chhoose :)

Keep up the good work and best of luck!

AcetylCholine said...

Itnay heavy words, Hamza?
And Links mein sirf aik link hai. WHY! I want more.

I'm exhausted as I type this.

Hamza Bin Ladin said...
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Vice Versa said...

i agree with you completely. except for the overly selfless part. if she loves you she won't want to be with anyone else.
I know of some couples of who decide that they are in love with other after ONE DAY. and then they put it all over facebook. that gets annoying.

"you took a picture of your eyelid crease? i lovee youuu <3! xxx"
^ okay, so a bit exaggerated, but still.

but then, i get most of my ideas on love from fictionpress stories, and sometimes i wonder if it even exists at all.

what is wrong with congratulations?
CONGRATULATIONS on the award! :D

Shoaib Ishrat said...

Thats quite rude Mr. Ladin lolz well sorry buddy I just dont get time to check your blog and its nothing like that what you thinking ok so chill..:)

Shoaib Ishrat said...

You got an award I am jealous haha..:d where is the treat..?

Nas said...

Congratulations on the award. Shoot me. 8-).

Hmm love is complicated, but you've hit a few of its nails on the head.