Saturday, February 19, 2011

Quest of the 'perfect one'

 The bliss of been infatuated with someone, who is so stupendous in every respect, is mammoth. Finding one who is chic, pure, exuberant, dainty, courteous and then falling in love with him/her, might seem a fantasy, a hallucination to many, But not me.

Despite been agnostic of finding the 'perfect one', all of us, yes all of us, spend time to fabricate a love story of our own in our minds (of course!) which includes the perfect one and a number of exotic places and scenarios.

But do these tales ever shape themselves into reality?

Nevertheless, don't feel daunted, who knows you could be much luckier than others and your real love story is even more better than the one you dreamt of.

PS: Wish me luck!


Asma Khan said...

We fall in love with not a prefect person but just ignoring his/her lacking.
Best wishes and prayers for your success... :)

AcetylCholine said...

Dude, you CAN'T be just 17.

All the best with whatever you are competing in.

Talha said...

Quest for perfect is there in everyone's heart in some stage of life. BTW best of luck InshAllah you will win you $300 :)

Aleeza said...

hey, did you delete your other blog? how come?!
anyways, i do believe 'pefect ones' exist out of books. maybe im a hopless romantic, i dunno, but its better than believing your all on your own. though the whole arranged-marriage-without-knowing-your-future-life-partner rule kind of ticks me off. ah well.

Aleeza said...

also, you're a ravenclaw? so cool. you must be a nerd, eh? ha. just kidding. and i just found out your other blog still exists, so um, yeah :D